• Cultivating
    seeds of peace

  • Uniting
    The women of Cheverly

  • Peace Camp
    Building a Peaceful Future

Welcome to The Cheverly Women's Club

We are dedicated to creating a more peaceful world by “taking care of ourselves, each other and the earth”

We care for children, protect their welfare, and prepare them for the future. This is the most important issue we face during our lifetime.

Our History

The Cheverly Woman’s Club was founded by Mrs. A. P. Buck on October 17, 1919, “To unite the women of Cheverly for their mutual benefit, and for the promotion of their common interests in education, civic and moral measures.” .

Working for Peace

In 2007, the work for “PEACE” began. With the Town, we established the Peace Garden and Pole at Pinkey’s Park (Pinkey Oden had been a long time club member), the May Month of Peace (2008), and Peace Camp (2009). We continue to grow and expand, cultivating seeds of peace in our town and the world.

Upcoming Events

  • 13
  • Nov

A Day of Healing and Reconciliation

3 p.m.-5 p.m.

Broadcast from Unity of Washington DC on Facebook Live. For more info go to www.dayofhealing.us

  • 14
  • Nov

Regular Meeting

7 p.m.

At the Community Center

  • 19
  • Nov

Community Holiday Market - Membership Outreach

8 a.m. to 12 p.m.

We need your to help at the table during this time. Please let me know when you can help.

  • 28
  • Nov

Book Discussion:“The Great Silent Grandmother Gathering” by Sharon Mehdi

7 pm

We’ll be reading this short book out loud together

Join Us

We welcome any and everyone to join us in helping to create a more peaceful and compassionate world

Contact Us

Town of Cheverly

Visit the Cheverly Township website to learn about our historic community services offered by our town.

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Community Groups

Learn about other organizations in our community who are making a difference in people's lives in the town of Cheverly

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What we do

Latest Events .

We put a community calendar together that’s printed in the May issue of the town newsletter so you can keep abreast of our activities

Get to Know Your Neighbor Better

June 8. Fast like a Muslim. Kori Majeed discussed Ramadan, fasting and answered our questions

May: Month of Peace

It consisted of activities, quotes and things people could do as individuals and in their families. It was both fun and enlightening.

Black History Month

We combined Black History Month and Peace issues to create a marvelous atmosphere of understanding and respect.

Book Discussion Group

Race Matters .

We also have an ongoing book discussion group to talk about issues of race between races. We believe that our differences can make us all better when we learn to accept each other.

On February 28 we had a lively discussion aboout the correlation between peace and racial harmony.

We had a frank and heart to heart discussion about the hidden bias towards differences that we all carry with us.

We learned about and discussed the scientific, historic, and religious foundations of our common humanity.